Beverly Hills keratin
Beverly Hills keratin
Beverly Hills keratin

Beverly Hills keratin

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Only 2 steps: Beverly Hills Treatment + Deep Cleanser Shampoo. That’s it. Easy and fast. Specially developed for resistant hair.

Beverly Hills complex hair repair keratin 
UK connection professional luxe introduces the world's style hair and connects you to Beverly Hills 
Luxury treatment developed to rescue hair structure.exclusive repair complex keratin.
After shampooing hair with  Beverly Hills  deep cleansing shampoo, dry the hair %100.seprarete it into thin section.
Using a brush, apply product from streak to streak spreading from the roots.use a fine comb brush toward the bottom to remove the excess product.
At the end of the application process, comb hair for 5 minutes.
Dry hair with cold hair for 5 to 10 minutes.make sure hair is %100 dry
Start the  process with a flat iron ( titanium or seramic plated) 392 F (200 C ) for fine hair ,428F ( 220 C) for thick and stubborn hair.with straightening iron 10 to 12 times 
Beverly Hills deep cleansing shampoo (500ml)
Massage in to wet hair 3 times. rinse well.
Can be use for thick and curry hair
(Used by professionals)